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At Go Big Media, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in affiliate marketing. Everyone is guessing. We aren’t. We want to help you monetise our database through your great offers and our reach.

Great deals are in abundance and overwhelmingly available. As a result, today’s buyer is more informed and harder to persuade. To cut through the noise and capture your audience’s attention, you need to engage via email.

Even in our social media-savvy, always-on, content-saturated world, email remains the backbone of your marketing mix. Over 4 million shoppers across Australia waiting for great offers and services from you!

Let our customers become your customers! Access our online shopping centre and get sales NOW!!!

For over 12 years our shoppers have spent tens of millions with our partners. We know our customers and they know us!

Let us invite them to your great online store and get sales NOW!

We know how much marketing costs online and how painful it is to get

your message to the buyers, so become a partner today and we will

help you build your database of shoppers through ours.

Go big media has been around since 2001 and we’re not here to blend

in with the masses!  We have been involved in some of the greatest

media campaigns in modern times and some of our clients include:

  • RSVP

  • Yokohama

  • Camera House

  • Victor Mowers


And many more big brands from concept – design, Media and Marketing strategies.

GoBigMedia also published Australia’s largest shoppers catalogue called The Shopper with over a million magazines distributed monthly across Sydney. This was sold and reacquired a short time later.

When it was the big era for group buying we launched Coupons Direct and along came the subscribers and deals, with over 200 offers on average per month and running Radio and press ads our venture was on another level with over 200,000 subscribers signing up within the first year, we worked out a formula to get more and more consumers and started affiliate marketing on a scale not seen before.


By 2012 We had over 400,000 subscribers and launched The Shopper as a Market place along with Paw City, an online Pet supply store in partnership with Australia’s oldest pet supply company, Rudducks.

In 2015 we acquired Shopping lane, Pet lane, Ink lane, and launched and Inside deals. Across all sites we have managed to acquire a database of over 4.8 million shoppers was also readily available to run amazing offers to.

With warehouses in various locations and with over 4 million items of stock on hand at any one time, we have delivered millions of orders across Australia.

Some of our internal projects include:

Topbetta (Client): A betting app with $500,000 budget in development and listed on the ASX at $20 million (market cap).

The shopper Platform was developed and acquired by Pitstop Recharge used for their shopping stores throughout leagues clubs connected to their rewards portal. (Development cost $1.2million).

The shopping lane: A platform developed and successfully run for 8 years prior to being sold. Until now there is no platform on the market that has a complete all in one solution for the full business cycle of and ecommerce store. (Development costs $2.8million).





Email Marketing


Our primary goal at Go Big Media is to help you build relationships with prospects and strengthen relationships with existing customers. We have a massive database of willing customers (both past and present), waiting to receive your offer and if you have the offer, we have the reach.

Email marketing gives you a chance to talk to your customer or prospect at a time convenient for them. It’s a message with a purpose and we act with the urgency your offer deserves.

Some of the benefits of Email marketing include:

  • Reach a national audience

  • Easy to share

  • Easy to get started

  • Easy to measure

  • Deliver targeted messages

  • Drive revenue

  • Reach an already engaged audience

  • Low cost compared to other forms of marketing

Some statistics you may find interesting about Email marketing:




John is the founder of Go Big Media, founded in 2001. John has built an enviable reputation in the Affiliate Marketing, Online Retail and Digital Media space. John is a social media-savvy entrepreneur and is passionate about the digital media space.

John has built a customer base of over 4.8 million people through a dedicated approach to his business over a prolonged period, which includes acquisition, Email marketing and advertising campaigns.

John and Go Big Media also published Australia’s largest shoppers catalogue called The Shopper with over a million magazines distributed monthly across Sydney. This was sold and reacquired a short time later.

John is a dedicated father of three and is well respected in his local community. John is a life-long Roosters fan but we don’t that hold that against him.


Michael has over 20 years of experience in business development and account management. Michael was the founder of Leagueunlimited, the largest independent Rugby League website in the world. The site at its peak had over 300,000 unique visitors and had in excess of one million hits per day. Michael negotiated deals with Centrebet, Philips, Car Sales, VB, Dell and many more. Michael is a founder of the Green Machine Podcast. He loves the Canberra Raiders and the Denver Broncos.


Joseph (Joey) is an aspiring entertainer with a dynamic background in life and business development. He was featured in Forge magazine issue 7 in 2017 for his success with his fathers electrical business. Joey is extremely ambitious having studied with The Entourage for business development . He loves people and the ability to assist their growth in any way he can.







We can't wait to hear from you

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The Spam Act 2003 (Cth) (‘the Spam Act’) governs email marketing in Australia, and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) enforces these email marketing laws.

Three main rules are imposed on email marketers. These rules concern:

  • consent;

  • identification; and

  • unsubscribe options

At GoBigMedia, we do not engage in spamming in any way, shape or form. We adhere to industry standards and our data is maintained via the most stringent hygenic standards in the industry. This ensures superior inbox placement and excellent deliverability rates.

We provide peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing your EDM campaign is in safe hands and you have an audience to engage with., all done ethically, legally and to the highest standards.

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